Fantastic! I like everything…

“Fantastic! I like everything about the seminar.”

Linh Tra, 27 August 2016


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Very detailed motivational…

“Very detailed motivational presentation. I enjoyed the interaction with Thomas as I made the most out of an embarrassing situation.”

Mano Phommachack, 27 August 2016


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It is a truly wonderful thing…

It is a truly wonderful thing you are all doing.
I look forward to the next seminar!

I always find my experiences with Thomas a combination of exhilaration, fear, awe inspiring and fun. I liken experiences with Thomas to how a garden must feel on the last day of winter and they see Thomas coming with a pair of hedge trimmers, that garden knows it is in for some discomfort as Thomas takes to old the dead wood, the sick and misguided “growth” and cleans away the rotting branches that will only continue to produce poor “growth”

However, the garden also knows that come the first day of Spring, all the discomfort of the day before, now allows the plants to focus their energy on new “growth” fresh branches and leaves which will produce new fruit and new flowers (ideas, possibilities) for the two seasons ahead.

I think all of Australia should take just one Empower with Thomas, I dare them to, and tell me it doesn’t change you forever!

Thank you again so very much for all the teams time and effort, it is greatly appreciated!”

Adam Lyons, 26th May 2016


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The Empower Seminar really helped…

“The Empower Seminar really helped me to be able to let go of yesterdays issues and think about the future. This has made it easier to feel better after work, not having the day’s results running through my head. The Seminar has also given me the drive to the successful person I long to be. Hearing Thomas’ story really inspired me to drive to the best I can in any situation in my life. Whether that being work, sport or just finding who I am. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was able experience.”

Jay Wood, 27th May 2016


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There’s nothing quite like…

“There’s nothing quite like experiencing the concept of 80% attitude and 20% skill and more so both ways for that matter. It makes you appreciate the quality of work that you know you bring to the table each and every day.”

Marrianne Read, 27th May 2016


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As a mother of four young…

“As a mother of four young children in my 40’s I did not expect, walking into this seminar that I would walk out with ‘better mothering material’! My click was not one instantaneous moment but many. However, what made me tear up, the moment I lost control of my emotions was when Thomas said ‘…her child’s learning disability is not…but a key to unlock the gifts.’ It will stay with me forever. My son deserves better from me. As I read the scroll on day one he said ‘I’m not a failure!’ Last night, when we came back from celebrating Wiseberry’s 3 new office grand openings on the central coast, my son asked again to listen in as I read my scroll, he said ‘I shed my old skin and start new habit!.’ Did I mention my son is 8!!!!! How I got so lucky and stumbled upon the Wiseberry family I have no clue, but I’m hanging on for dear life.

Marietta Viliardos, 27th May 2016


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I thought the day was fantastic…

“I thought the day was fantastic and it was amazing to see how much just the people who came along with me took in. It was inspiring to see so many peopled inspired on the day and at the end when the whole room stood up and flocked to Thomas just to say thank you and show their appreciation for what he presented on the day was unreal.

Can’t wait for the next one!”

Louise Fleming, 27th May 2016


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Thankyou very much…

“Thankyou very much for giving me the opportunity to attend the seminar. It was a great experience for me and gave me the ‘click’ and I got exactly what I wanted  out of it. Thomas really inspired me and I am most certain many others especially at my age as only an 18 year old.”

Ronnie Katrib, 27th May 2016


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I had such a great day…

“I had such a great day and it definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things. I now believe in myself, the day was definitely a success for Thomas himself and the rest of the team that helped organise the day. I hope there are many more seminars in the future!”

Daniella Martinesi, 28th May 2016


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Meet Chloe and Zac…

“Meet Chloe….

I first met Chloe in April when we were selling her family home. At the time she did not really engage with us at all and was somewhat distant and aloof. As we came to understand the reason for selling was due to her parents divorcing, I felt that there was more we could do to help draw out her personality and empathise with what she may have be going through during this process.

Once sold, she started to open up and show her effervescent personality. Not knowing what she wanted to do with her future, we invited her to Empower. She was hesitant so we suggested that her parents and brother come along with her. It was amazing to watch her blossom after that day. We invited her to an “opportunity week” and by the end of that week, we offered her a job as our benchie.

She is full of life and motivation and her important lesson from empower which she quotes often is “80% attitude, 20% skill”. Watch out for Chloe Purll!

Meet Zac….

Zac is the twin brother of Chloe and couldn’t be more different. Quiet and introverted, we mistook his shyness and low self-esteem for apathy, as did his parents. He most certainly did not want to come to Empower and was trying to find his way out. Thanks to his parents who drove them both there, he attended and most importantly, was “present” throughout the seminar.

It gave me great joy to watch him engage at the Empower Seminar and to even take notes. We also invited him for an opportunity week at Wiseberry Mona Vale. From the quiet, shy and withdrawn young man, we watched him bloom and his confidence level rise. By the end of the week, he was opening up, making buyer calls and asking what he needed to do to get into real estate.

He is now working full time for a large food company and his important take home lesson was “No matter what job you do, make it count and give it 100% because attitude is everything “

Wiseberry can help…

Empower opened my mind and my heart and we are so blessed to have businesses where we can help our youth find purpose and passion. I have been so inspired to watch these two young people grow and discover their own drive and passion. What a privilege!”


Iolanda Trovatello, 21st July 2016



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