Welcome to the Wiseberry Foundation

The Wiseberry Foundation is an ACNC registered public benevolent institution (PBI) and not-for-profits organisation and holds a charitable fundraising licence issued by NSW Fair Trading.

The Wiseberry Foundation raises money via organised events and donations to assist people with special needs within our Australian communities as well as providing assistance for the advancement of education.

The foundation publicises via this website and other medium organised events seeking support, assistance and involvement from within the community. Our current objectives are to provide charitable assistance to:

  • People suffering from financial hardship including, but not limited to, as a result of a natural disaster;
  • The homeless;
  • People with disability;
  • People suffering from sickness; and
  • Unemployed people, with a focus on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who can benefit from education through the provision of life-skills training to help them gain employment.

To achieve these objectives, the Wiseberry Foundation develops initiatives either to fundraise or provide educational assistance.

Additional information is available on the about page.