Winter Appeal
June 2018

Some of these people live within our community!

In June 2018, Wiseberry offices collected donations in the form of clean blankets, new socks and jumpers to help their local shelters cope with the cold winter months.

Total Bags of Goods Donated: 214
Total Weight: 1,523kg

So many of the homeless people and families will be kept warm this winter thanks to all those who have donated to our Winter Appeal, your generosity will make a big difference to many lives this winter.

A special thank you to all the people from our Wiseberry offices for all the hard work put in throughout the month, we simply couldn’t have done it without your support and partnership.

Some of the shelters/organisations these donations were made to include:

  • The Movement Sydney Homeless Outreach
  • SWAG Family Sydney
  • Castle Hill Adventist Church
  • Mary MacKillop Foundation
  • The Salvation Army Australia
  • We Are Macarthur Inc
  • Coast Shelter
  • Newtown Mission
  • The Exodus Foundation
  • Toukley Neighbourhood Centre Inc
  • Friends of the Dalwood Spilstead Service
  • Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter
  • Mama Lana’s Community Foundation
  • Port Anglican Soup Kitchen
  • Mission Australia
  • Uniting
  • Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands
  • St Therese Church
  • The Cottage