Wiseberry Franchises Pty Limited is a real estate franchise group with a strong corporate culture that places considerable importance as part of its services on the need to care for our communities and to ‘give back’. In 2014 for instance Wiseberry hosted a fundraising dinner to provide financial assistance to two very special children to the group with disability and special needs.

This corporate culture led to the formation of the Wiseberry Foundation. The Wiseberry Foundation endorses a belief that to be grateful means to ensure we help the people around us, from within our communities. The Foundation understands that even the smallest of steps can go a long way and see itself as incremental to the raising of societal living standards.

The Wiseberry Foundation is now an ACNC registered public benevolent institution (PBI) and not-for-profits organisation and holds a charitable fundraising licence issued by NSW Fair Trading.

The Wiseberry Foundation’s objectives are to provide charitable assistance to:

  • People suffering from financial hardship including, but not limited to, as a result of a natural disaster;
  • The homeless;
  • People with disability;
  • People suffering from sickness; and
  • Unemployed people, with a focus on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who can benefit from education through the provision of life-skills training to help them gain employment.

To achieve its objectives, the Wiseberry Foundation comes up with initiatives either to fundraise or provide educational assistance. The hosting of such events is publicised on this site and via other media. In its endeavour to achieve a successful outcome and make a difference, the Wiseberry Foundation heavily relies on the support from corporate partners, the general public and the government. Please do let us know if you are able to assist.