The Empower Seminar: Press Release

Wiseberry is a real estate franchise group with a strong corporate culture that places considerable importance on the need to care for our communities. We have a unique motto that says “Different in the way we care”. This corporate culture has led to the formation of the Wiseberry Foundation.

The Wiseberry Foundation understands that even the smallest of steps can go a long way and sees itself as incremental to the raising of societal living standards. There are simply too many unhappy people and we ought to do what we can to raise the consciousness of the whole country.

In recent times, we have seen large organisations like Dick Smith going into liquidation resulting in many people losing their jobs. As a society, what do we do to assist those in need of a helping hand? You do not have to go far to see unhappiness.

We have all surely benefited at some point in our lives from some great teaching and training, from an uplifting moment that changed everything. That is what we would like to achieve: Giving the ‘click to people’ so that perhaps they could find their song.

With this in mind, the Wiseberry Foundation has come up with an Educational initiative: Empower Seminar for people seeking employment or looking for direction.

This free educational and inspirational seminar is to take place on 24 May 2016 at the Castle Hill RSL and will be presented by Thomas Le Hoang, Wiseberry real estate group CEO. This is our opportunity to share with people in need some great skills, knowledge and experience from our CEO. Having interviewed and trained thousands of people in sales, Thomas realised how much time he would have saved himself had someone given him the right tools from the start.

The aim of ‘Empower’ is to provide people with an array of useful tools to help them uncover their strengths and find their own song.

This seminar will focus on building confidence when attending a job interview, presentation and verbal skills. As you pay attention to your personal emotions and work on limiting beliefs, we hope to help you ‘click’ and tap into your full potential.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this seminar, we invite you to attend.

For further information please contact one of our Wiseberry offices.