It is a truly wonderful thing…

It is a truly wonderful thing you are all doing.
I look forward to the next seminar!

I always find my experiences with Thomas a combination of exhilaration, fear, awe inspiring and fun. I liken experiences with Thomas to how a garden must feel on the last day of winter and they see Thomas coming with a pair of hedge trimmers, that garden knows it is in for some discomfort as Thomas takes to old the dead wood, the sick and misguided “growth” and cleans away the rotting branches that will only continue to produce poor “growth”

However, the garden also knows that come the first day of Spring, all the discomfort of the day before, now allows the plants to focus their energy on new “growth” fresh branches and leaves which will produce new fruit and new flowers (ideas, possibilities) for the two seasons ahead.

I think all of Australia should take just one Empower with Thomas, I dare them to, and tell me it doesn’t change you forever!

Thank you again so very much for all the teams time and effort, it is greatly appreciated!”

Adam Lyons, 26th May 2016