Meet Hank & Billy

Hank and Billy BrosHank and Billy are two young boys aged 8 and 4 who only recently lost their mother to a very aggressive cancer.

The boys are both full of energy and love their sports.

Hank dreams of one day playing for the Parramatta Eels. He loves to play soccer, and is a champion in division 1. He also enjoys playing rugby league and riding his bike and scooter.

Billy is obsessed with super man, and thinks he’s Clark Kent. Billy shares a love for the Parramatta Eels, cars and riding his bike and scooter.

Since the death of their mother, Hank and Billy have both been very distressed, crying at night and calling out for mum. They miss her dearly, and are finding it difficult to adjust to life without her.

As the boys are growing each and every day, dad is working hard to give them the best possible life he can. As a father, there is nothing he wants more than to see his boys grow up happy and healthy.

Hank and Billy are in need of stability and routine, and home assistance is what they, and dad, could use right now.