Meet Nicole & Reagan


Nicole is a 27 year old quadriplegic who had a baby boy 6 months ago, named Reagan.

At the age of 18, Nicole was a passenger in a car that nose-dived off a sand dune and flipped, leaving her with a broken neck and no movement in her body below her neck.

At the time of the accident, Nicole was underway with a full-time traineeship at a childcare centre with hopes of one day becoming a teacher.

Nicole’s dreams also included travelling the world, getting married and becoming a mother. After the accident, Nicole felt like this dream was no longer possible.

After 13 months and 5 rounds of assisted contraception, Nicole was finally able to make her life-long dream come true.

While she isn’t able to hold, feed or change her baby herself, Nicole feels like the luckiest person alive, as baby Reagan is the greatest gift of all.

With the support from her family and an unbreakable spirit behind her, Nicole is determined to be the best possible mother to Reagan that she can.