Meet Tristan – 12 Years Old

TRISTAN 3Tristan had an accident some 5 years ago involving a ride-on lawnmower, resulting in the loss of one leg.

Tristan needs a new prosthetic leg 3 to 4 times a year as he continuously grows. He also has ongoing medical needs associated with the loss of his leg.

Tristan also attends regular visits with his surgeon to monitor his stump. In the coming future he will require further surgery to cap his stump so that the tip of the bone is not growing in a point.

At the moment, Tristan does not have a variety of feet to choose from but as he gets older he will require a foot with better flexibility and suspension which will be quite costly.

Tristan is a bright individual who aspires to one day compete in Para-snowboarding. He is a member of the Disabled Wintersport Association (DWA) who run snowboarding camps. He is currently too young to compete but trains with an instructor who works closely with DWA. When snowboarding, he uses his everyday leg but will of course need a special snowboarding leg in the future.

Hopefully one day Tristan will represent Australia in Para-snowboarding!