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The Wiseberry Foundation Charity Dinner is an exciting night of auctions, raffles and entertainment alongside a 3 course dinner with beverages to help raise money for four special families in need.

9:00 am - 4:00 pm till late

The Warwick
355 Hume Hwy
Warwick Farm Sydney 2170

$140 each

Dress Code

In light of the seminar’s success when it was first presented, the Wiseberry Foundation, in association with the MAD Foundation (Make A Difference Foundation), is proposing to present its second Empower Seminar in August 2016 at The Warwick.

This event is offered free of charge and is tailored to those who are currently looking for employment. It is also for those young people who have left school and are looking for direction.

MAD - Make A Difference

MAD – Make A Difference Foundation

This event will be presented by Thomas Le Hoang; the co-founder and CEO of the Wiseberry real estate franchise network and business coach.


Just a regular guy. Like everybody, he started from nothing, going from one job to the next, hoping that one day, he was going to meet his destiny. For a while, he struggled to make ends meet, learned from his own experience, often extracting more from his failures than his wins.

Then one day, things changed. His brother had leukemia and he had to go back to Belgium to give his brother some bone marrow. This single event made him realise that life was not about struggle. It was about giving, sharing and extracting the best in us.

Since 1994, he worked on himself, looking for ways to fall in love with his work rather than looking for that perfect job. Within two decades, he went from being a salesperson to running a 24-office real estate franchise.

Having interviewed and trained thousands of people in sales, he realised how much time he would have saved himself had someone given the right tools from the start.

And now it is. His quest with ‘Empower’ is to give an array of useful tools to job seekers and young school leavers. He wants to help them uncover their strengths and find their own song. He urges them to raise their standards and commit to excellence, a highly attractive commodity to all employers. Most of all, it is important to save them time for them to learn new mistakes.

What’s in it for him? In raising the level of consciousness among people, there is no doubt that the country will become better. After all, this is the motherland where his four children will uncover their future. It is his way of giving back some of his blessings. One must feel fortunate when the thought of giving back is possible. It’s his way to pay it forward.

This seminar is therefore about giving people the ‘click’ about who they are and what they want. It will also focus on giving people the confidence they need to attend a job interview by building on their presentation and verbal skills. The course will also cover how to overcome fears, pay attention to emotions and work on limiting beliefs. It is designed to build both skills and attitude.

If this course can benefit you, we would love to invite you to attend. Please fill out the form below.

Youth Policy
Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to attend this seminar. Teenagers between 15-17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the entire event.


Bookings are closed for this event.