Wiseberry Foundation Charity Dinner | 25 August 2017


The Wiseberry Foundation is an ACNC registered charity and not-for-profits organisation that holds a NSW Fair Trading charitable fundraising licence.

The Wiseberry Foundation raises money via organised events to assist people with special needs within our Australian communities. Our current objectives are to provide assistance to people suffering from financial hardship, the homeless, people with disability and people suffering from sickness.

To achieve these objectives, this year’s initiative was to hold a charity dinner on 25 August 2017 at the Castle Hill RSL fundraising for four families. More specifically, we raised funds for Bobbi Jo, Tristan, Nicole & Reagan, Hank & Billy.

Bobbi Jo, now 11, was diagnosed at 6 months of age with Rett Syndrome, a neurological condition affecting speech, motor, and developmental milestones. There is no cure. Her condition is progressively getting worse and she has a shortened life expectancy.

Tristan had an accident 5 years ago that involved a ride-on lawnmower resulting in him loosing one of his legs. Tristan needs a new prosthesis leg every 3-4 months as he is growing. Tristan just turned 12. He also has ongoing medical needs.

Nicole is a 27 years old quadriplegic who had a baby boy 6 months ago, Reagan. Nicole needs 24-hour support and assistance with the care of her little man.

Hank & Billy are two young boys aged 8 and 4 who only recently lost their mother to a very aggressive cancer. Hank & Billy are in need of stability and routine and home assistance is pretty much what they and dad could use right now.